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Graphic Arts Credit Union

The Graphic Arts Credit Union membership embraces anyone involved in the graphic arts industry. Upon joining the Credit Union, the member's immediate family, spouse, mother, father, brother and sister are eligible for membership. Services such as savings accounts, checking accounts, I.R.A.'s, C.D.'s, MasterCard, American Express Travelers Cheques, money orders, and all types of loans are available. Entertainment tickets to movies, Astroworld, Six Flags, Space Center Houston, Fiesta Texas, and Sea World can be purchased at the Credit Union as well. Some at discount prices. They offer many online services as well as payroll deduction and direct deposit for your convenience. GACU is committed to offering personal service and implementing new services benefiting all members. For more information, call (713)520-5060. www.gacu.org


Publications and Videos

There are several publications and a video distributed by PIGC that help companies stay informed and remain competitive.

PI-Gulf Coast Newsletter

PIGC's bi-monthly newsletter gets the industry news out to more than 400 graphic arts professionals in the Texas gulf coast area. The PI-Gulf Coast NEWS carries important information to the business owner/manager and key company personnel about new laws, court decisions, forecasts, personnel management, markets, information about the industry and its members, and upcoming industry events.

Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey

This survey is compiled to provide up-to-date wage information for 150 positions in the industry. The second part of the survey expands on additional benefits provided to employees. The results are broken own by major metropolitan areas in Texas and other Midwest locales as well as a state overview. This information is useful when developing or revising your company's benefit package.

Graphic Arts Buyers Guide

This comprehensive directory offers graphic arts firms the opportunity to list their products and services. With a distribution to more than 4,000 graphic arts buyers, the directory is a valuable marketing tool.

Sales Tax Guide for Texas Printers

Changes in the Texas Use and Sales Tax Law as well as clarifications and revised rulings by the State Comptroller's Office over the years, have raised many questions regarding the application of the sales tax to printers. Failure to pay the proper tax can severely impact the printer when a state audit uncovers unpaid taxes; for then it becomes difficult to contact a customer and ask him to make an additional payment months or years after the fact. Overpayment of tax also occurs frequently, and this is money that comes right off the bottom line. This publication addresses some of the current problem areas involving the sales tax, particularly as it effects printers and their customers. You may have a unique situation that may not be answered in the book we recommend that you contact PIGC or the Comptroller's Office.

HazCom Training Video and Management Guide

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all employers, regardless of size, to comply with the Hazard Communication Standard. PIGC's easy-to-follow, industry specific program allows your company to create and implement a customized Hazard Communication Program in a cost-effective manner. The Management Guide includes the necessary forms for proper documentation along with a MSDS Glossary of Terms and List of Abbreviations. The 30-minute video takes a look at the required information for employee training.

Used Equipment/Supplies Exchange

If you are looking to sell equipment or perhaps even looking to add a piece of equipment, you may want to check out the PIGC Used Equipment/Supplies Exchange List. This regional list is included in the bi-monthly newsletter as well as posted on the PIGC web site. It helps keep your search close to home.


Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast 401(k) Retirement Saving Plan

 Offering a 401(k) plan can help when trying to attract top workers or retain valuable ones; but they can be costly. The PIGC 401(k) plan, now in its tenth year, has helped companies by offering a cost-effective retirement savings plan that allows both large and small companies to participate.

The fees for the PIGC plan are substantially lower than what would be charged if a company adopted a plan on its own. There is a one-time adoption fee with annual fees based on the number of employees actually participating in the plan. This is a members only opportunity.

PIGC is pleased to have as its investment company, John Hancock a major player in the 401(k) market. Numerous funds are available for participants to choose from based on their investment category. Open enrollment occurs in either January or July, so now is the time to start thinking about joining. Please call the PIGC office at (713) 522-2046 or (800) 448-5930 for additional information.

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401(k) General Info


Slow Pay Program

Slow Pay Program On-line For Members

Have you ever wished you had checked on a client before accepting the job? And now you're stuck with a slow pay account? PIGC has brought back the credit reporting program even bigger and better than before. Now PIGC members can go on-line and update information any time, day or night, as well as retrieve credit information from other graphic firms nationally and even request a business credit profile. And if you decide to send that account to collections, you can do so with a click of your mouse.

Our new collection service will streamline the slow pay process even more and increase your chances of recovering those dollars. The folks at PII Credit Bureau, Inc. have over 25 years experience in the collection industry with the printing industry as their only focus. They have a 75-85% collection recovery rate which is substantially higher than industry standards. Getting the information is easy too. If you use the PIGC Slow Pay Program, when you enter the company information on-line you have the option of sending it to collection right then and there. The folks at PII Credit Bureau will also share collection tips and how you can avoid slow pays (or no pays) in the future.

This program has never been so easy and may help you avoid a bad debt. To learn more about this valuable new member-only service, call the PIGC office at (713) 522-2046 or (800) 448-5930.


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