Top 4 Best Practices of High Performance Print Sales Organizations

A key challenge currently facing print and marketing service providers is finding and applying the right mix of best practices to increase sales staff performance. While many firms are experts at improving profitability through manufacturing efficiencies, establishing the right processes to increase sales growth are often elusive. InfoTrends conducted a research study to identify the best sales practices of printing companies that were experiencing sales growth

Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends research study Best Practices of High-Performance Print Sales Organizations surveyed over 250 print service providers and conducted telephone interviews with 22 executives of printing companies to uncover the strategies and tactics that high-performance firms followed for managing the sales process, developing and training sales staff, building the right sales force, developing competitive compensation plans, and leveraging the best sales tools for supporting reps.

The majority of survey respondents were owners or company executives that managed sales staff or oversaw the sales organization. Many also reported performing sales duties.

The study found that high-performance print sales organizations follow clearly-defined sales strategies, hold their sales staff accountable, and continually adapt their organizations to keep pace with ever-changing market conditions. Here are four common best practices reported by survey respondents that experienced double-digit sales growth.

Strong Sales Management Practices
High-performance print sales organizations have a strong sales management structure that is focused on developing and following best practices for enhancing staff productivity, hiring the best sales talent, improving sales staff skills, coaching sales reps, holding staff accountable for sales results, and growing sales through new and existing customers. Successful print sales organizations also provide their sales reps with clear directions and guidance for targeting profitable markets with best applications.

Sales Resources Balanced Between New Business & Current Account Development
Winning new business and capturing repeat work from existing customers are essential for the success of printing businesses. High-growth firms understand that repeat business alone will not spark significant growth, so they take action to develop new business. The top responsibility of sales reps at high-growth firms is new business development. Although new business development is essential to sales growth, nurturing existing customer relationships is also important for sales expansion. High-growth firms report that reps also focus their time on account management, responding to requests for proposals, writing proposals, and handling quote requests.

Ongoing Sales Training and Development
High-performance sales organizations realize that sales force training is critically important to the sales effort. When asked to identify their top sales management challenges, respondents most commonly cited developing the skills of sales reps and training new reps. Pricing pressures rounded out the top three, but it is interesting to note that high-growth respondents considered pricing to be less of an issue than overall respondents.

-Keypoint Intelligence

Posted by A.W-V. on 5/24/2018 1:39:27 PM